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As an art director, I create and develop your design through inspiration, motivation and class.
I am a passionate visionary who, at the same time, dares to achieve timelessness. I accompany you as a corporate design consultant to assist you in maintaining your design focus.
In my opinion, corporate design is not focused exclusively on the superficial, but that there is a consistent aesthetic image, which inspires confidence and security in the client. In all respects, an effective promise for success.

If you are interested in any further information please contact me for an appointment or feel free to request my portfolio.
Vanessa Jasmin Panné

Image film 2013


call: +49 151 64424400


Since 2013, I have been working as a freelance art director and corporate design consultant, mainly for clients in the fashion and media industry.
Since end of 2009, I have worked for Cinque as an art director. In this role, I was in charge of reinventing the complete corporate design, as well as creating a new signature and a detailed CI manual, along with other projects. I continue to be in charge of the art direction of shootings, shop systems, fair design and window merchandising.
Prior to this, I worked for one year as a brand designer for Branders, a well-known Zurich based branding agency. There, I served clients such as Novartis, suisse post and Livit. Following a nine month talent pool project at Hugo Boss in Tessin, where five creative talents had been selected from a pool of internationals to follow up on the corporate identity of Hugo Boss Selection, I continued working for the company as an assistant to the art director at the Creative Services.
During my studies in Communication Design at FHTW Berlin (University of Applied Sciences), I worked as a creative assistant for Professor Katrin Hinz for a year and a half. This included the creation of a Berlin district orientation system. Since concluding my formal education in 2007 as a certified designer, with key aspects on photography and corporate design, I have pursued my artistic talents as a freelancer, through the combined visual disciplines of graphic design, exhibition design and especially fashion photography.

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